fredag 3 juli 2009

Gaddafi Crimes Against Humanity

A documentary about gaddafi’s atrocities and heinous crimes committed in Libya and abroad. He is a bloody terrorist and a dictator ruling Libya since he confiscated power through a coup in 1969. He liquidated all his opponents without trials and imprisoned any one who criticized him. He hung people in public squares and stadiums and broadcasted their hanging on TV in the holy month of Ramadan. He sent his death squads of revolutionary committees to kill Libyans abroad for just running away from his regime or voicing their opinions against it. He ordered the killing of 1200 political prisoners in abusleem prison uprising demanding fair trials and improvement in their miserable living conditions. He committed international terrorist activities by bombing planes over Lockerbie Scotland and Niger desert and engaging in wars against his neighbouring countries, not to mention supporting terrorist groups worldwide and plotting to assassinate arab leaders. Unfortunately, the whole world has ignored gaddafi’s record of widespread human rights abuses and the plight of the Libyan people under his brutal regime. It is sad to see world leaders rolling the red carpet for this terrorist to welcome him back to the international community for the sake of oil and winning huge contracts worth $ billions that serve their own interests rather than the Libyan people most of whom are still living under the poverty line. Gaddafi is opening to the west, not because he is a reformed man but rather seeking allies and putting all Libyan resources in their baskets in exchange for protection and maintaining his grip on power.

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